Have you ever wanted to create an entire universe and the stories within?

The story of a knight charging into a castle to rescue a maiden?

A princess who wants to saves the people of her nation from tyranny?

How about a young girl who just wants to sing?

First, you’d have to start with one particularly interesting person. What’s their story? That person has a family. Each member of his family has their own story to tell. What about his ancestors? And his descendants?

Each one of these individuals has friends who have faced their own joys and triumphs. What kinds of stories do they have to tell? Those friends have their own friends, who have also been through success and failure. Starting from one and going through each person, an interconnected story is revealed. The story of one person, of a family, of a circle of friends, of an entire group of people… the story of a nation.

Nations are no different from people. It has its own story to tell. Each nation has a relationship with other nations, with their own stories. An even more complex epic is revealed, one that spans an entire world.

But one world is not enough. Eventually, the people of that world must forge relationships with those of other worlds, and the epic once again expands to include the individuals, families, friends, groups of people, and the entire nations of those worlds. Worlds are part of an even greater family, a galaxy, and a cluster of galaxies… an entire universe.

We have created a universe of stories. The story of that one person we started with, the story of everyone he loves, everyone he knows, everyone he has ever heard of, their moments of joy and triumph, their sufferings and tribulations, all their ideologies, creators and destroyers of entire nations, kings and queens, couples in love, hopeful children, and all who have ever thought, perhaps foolishly, that they are the masters of a universe that included only their immediate surroundings, when in reality, they’re part of a much larger epic.

This is the One Universe Project. And we are here to tell its story. Be one with our universe.