Infinity.Dream is a post-modern drama multimedia franchise that is currently in development and will include e-books, print books, and eventually, kinetic novels and visual novels. Follow a young girl named Maira Treslyn who wants nothing more than to follow her aspirations to become an idol pop singer while under the shadow of her father's political unrest.

Infinity.Dream Volume 1

Nine-year-old Maira Treslyn dreams of becoming an idol pop singer. She will stop at nothing to realize her dream. Even if she has to go through hell and back, she will shine her light, with the help of her loving friends, but there are so many obstacles in the way, like dreaded mean girls, her lack of experience, judgmental industry snobs, a creepy photographer eager to embarrass her, and others who wish to destroy her career before it starts. Will all the hardship and tears of sadness, joy, elation, and tragedy be worth it all?