Ethereal Project

​​​In a nation ruled by a brutal autocracy, what could a young princess do against overwhelming power? After an attempt on her life by peasants involved in a politically motivated attack, her life was turned upside down forever. Armed with a strong sense of justice, genius-level intelligence, and the power of magic, she is forced to cast aside her childish innocence as she is faced with the truth about her world, one that is not as peaceful as she had been led to believe.

Infinity Project

Nine-year-old Maira Treslyn dreams of becoming an idol pop singer. She will stop at nothing to realize her dream. Even if she has to go through hell and back, she will shine her light, with the help of her loving friends, but there are so many obstacles in the way, like dreaded mean girls, her lack of experience, judgmental industry snobs, a creepy photographer eager to embarrass her, and others who wish to destroy her career before it starts. Will all the hardship and tears of sadness, joy, elation, and tragedy be worth it all?