Rebellion of the Princess 2nd Edition Released

It might be obvious to some of you who have been following our social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but the 2nd edition of Rebellion of the Princess, the 1st book of the Ethereal Daydreams epic fantasy series, has been released.

As you can tell, this new edition sports a brand new look, a vast improvement from the previous edition. While we think that the previous image was a good design, we believe that this new image is much more conducive to the content of the story: an anime-themed epic fantasy.

Special thanks to Joyce Ann Martin for the design of this new cover. Visit her website at Inkgizmo and check out her awesome portfolio.

Click on the images below to link directly to the product page of each edition at their respective retailers. Each link opens in a new tab or browser window.

Second Kindle Edition

Second Kobo Edition

The Kobo edition is also available through the Chapters Indigo online store.

Second Print Edition

Redesign of our company website

We are pleased to announce the redesign of our corporate website here at Jasvere Nights Studios!

Let us know what you guys think. This is certainly far better than that bland old thing we have had for the past year as we put the startup pieces of our company together. The old site had an old-fashioned corporate feel to it, while this new one sports a more modern look that is responsive in its design as it is viewed across different devices and screen sizes.

The Projects section is still a work in progress but we should have that going very shortly. Stay tuned.